Top 5 Stones for Education

Rock your school year with a little help from Mother Nature.
The top 5 stones to boost your learning can be worn as jewelry or carried discretely in your pocket. If you are going to pocket or purse them – we do recommend a little pouch to keep them clean and sacred (and away from the energy of coins and dryer fluff).

Blue Lace Agate

Stress and Anxiety Relief
Calming, centering, soothing properties that bring peace of mind and a sense of tranquility. Helps communication: assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings.

Clear Quartz Point

Retention and Mental Clarity
A small raw or polished point can aid learning and study. Wear it around your neck or carry it in your pocket. Keep the same quartz point with you during study and exams.


Mental Focus
Fluorite is a true crystal of the mind: supports all forms of research and increases mental focus during study. Any colour combination is suitable, choose what you are drawn to.


Insight and Understanding
Sodalite clears the mind and helps merge logic with intuition which leads to balanced decisions and important research breakthroughs.

Tiger’s Eye

Discernment and Perception
Tiger’s Eye helps you stay focused and absorb information even when overwhelmed. Filters out mental distractions, assists during research and helps make sense of information in a practical manner.

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