Sourcing Bali 2018

What’s it like to discover the most interesting, unique, and fabulous creations on the paradise Island of Bali?

Well… it’s not as romantic as it seems.

We plow through crazy experiences to find you products with loads of meaning and unusual beauty. We go for the most deeply personal and unique ‘stuff’ we can find.

We walk for miles, drive for hours, and have experienced torrential rainfalls, floods, excruciating heat and humidity, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, dead things and rats.

On the high side, we been to Balinese weddings, cremations, ceremonies, temple offerings and we have cultivated an appreciation for the Balinese culture and religions; for the kindness and caring, family connections, patience, respect, good character,  humanity, appreciation of art, beauty and nature, that the Balinese have built into their DNA.

We’ve learned a great deal, made wonderful friends… and the ultimately, we get to share our fabulous findings with you.

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