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The Oracle is a spiritual, meaningful and beautiful shop in the heart of Whistler Village.

Come by and enjoy…

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Our Team & Rates


  • 1 Hour = $120.00
  • 45 Minutes = $90.00
  • 30 Minutes = $65.00
  • Quick Question = $35.00
  • Phone/Skype & Email (upon request)


Akiva, Intuitive Medium, Spirit Guide Communicator, Empathic Energy Healer

Akiva is here to provide you with a safe space and to offer his support in whatever way he is able. As a Multi-Purpose Medium, he draws upon 30 years of intuitive and psychic development to help whoever he sees move forward in the way that they desire. With his spirit guides firmly behind him, Akiva is able to tap into the realms beyond the veil and pull information that otherwise may not be available in this realm. The healing effect of this process is profound and measurable whether it is felt directly from Akiva‘s ability in Energy Healing or indirectly from his guides.

The way that Akiva bridges the realms differs from person to person. His strengths range from Oracle/Tarot Card Reading and Dice Divination to Spirit Guide Direct Channeling and Mediumship. He also helps those that feel like they are stuck in their spiritual development and is a Specialist in helping those people with an Energetic Upgrade. How is it all done? Come and explore the possibilities within you with Akiva by your side and at your service!


Nicole, Psychic Medium

Nicole is a natural intuitive and medium, experiencing communication from other realms since childhood. She has pursued extensive formal training in the intuitive and healing arts , developing her abilities to share this gift.

Through deep desire to communicate with her own loved ones who have crossed over, Nicole attended the Arthur Findley Spiritualist College in London, and has studied with other mediumship tutours, worldwide, where she has expanded on her understanding and abilities in mediumship ,psychic arts and spiritual healing. She strives to bring to you, whatever you need the most, in each reading.

Along with connecting to your loved ones, Nicole will often access guidance to your own life issues and provide helpful insight. Healing from loss is also something Nicole is personally familiar with and a reading can be very beneficial in times of physical separation from those we love.


Rhonda, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Holistic Practitioner

A reading with Rhonda offers intuitive insight, perspective, and Universal messages, highlighting opportunities that are showcasing in your daily life. Rhonda’s genuine compassion to support others and inspire people to achieve a greater self-awareness; led her to Reiki, Reflexology and a twenty-five year Nursing career. Combining her divination tools, she focuses on how your past can help guide you in the present and gain insight to your potential.


Brett, Psychic Medium

Brett offers: Mediumship, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Tarot, Auras, Psychometry, and Pet Intuition. His spiritual journey began as a child during conversations with angels; to this day he still considers himself and life student of the light. Brett has been channeling professionally since 1994. A reading with Brett leads to empowerment and conscious awareness through general readings or very specific questions.


Annie, Psychic/Intuitive, Claircognizant, Spirit Messenger

Annie’s tool kit includes traditional Tarot cards, Palmistry, Psychometry, Intuitive communication with spirit & Empathic chakra scanning.

By Appointment she also offers: Flower Readings (with a focus on sensuality), Relationship Readings for couples & Ceremonial Tea Leaf Readings. 

Annie specializes in all things relationship oriented. Explore your love-ships, family-ships, friend-ships – or your relationship with ancestral lineage, your life’s path, your health or your wealth. These Relationships are simply the mirror that reflects back to you the most important relationship of all – the one with SELF. She will examine unseen forces, blocks, and energies. She will interpret messages for your specific situation and pass on clarity and guidance for moving forward in a way that uplifts your Soul.

With Annie you will learn how to set a course toward spiritual and physical wellness, abundance and purpose and draw in a deep, supercharged, loving relationship with life.

In her “other life” Annie is a Senior Facilitator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process/ Senior Facilitator of Soul Re-Cognition.

Private Events

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We offer two options: Small Gatherings  and Parties, Weddings and Corporate Events, Small Gatherings 

  • The hourly rate to have a reader join your private, small group gathering is $150 per hour. There is a two-hour minimum for small groups of 5 or less. Our reader will do a series of readings for your group. Each reading will be about 25 minutes.
  • For groups of 5 to 7 the minimum is 2.5 hours and for groups of 8 or more the minimum is 3 hours. The reader will do a series of mini-readings for each individual in your group. Please contact us to make arrangements.
  • The minimum ensures time for set up, take down of reading space, and time between readings for the reader to clear the energy and hydrate.
  • For more details, please email: info@oraclewhistler.com or call 604 905-0084.

    Choose from Tarot, Mediumship, Palmistry, Tea Leaf Readings, Astrology, Numerology and more.

Parties, Weddings and Corporate Events

  • We offer a range of services from Lunch & Learns, Team Building Add Ons, Partner/Spousal Programs, and more.
  • For your wedding, party or corporate event we can offer roaming readings or sit down readings.
  • To find out more about rates and options, please email: info@oraclewhistler.com or call 604-905-0084.

*We’ve been reading at events and parties since 2004. Our practitioners are highly trained in their field of expertise and offer your group a wide range of options, positive (but real) readings, and a ton of fun. Choose from Tarot, Oracle Cards, Palmistry, Tea Leaf (sit down only), Hand Writing Analysis, Mediumship, Numerology, Astrology and more. We come to you in the Sea to Sky corridor. If you have a theme, let us know and we will work with you to create an amazing event.

Statue Rentals

We rent statues to brighten up and give your event an exotic flair. Just come into our shop in Whistler and see which statues offer the theme you’d like to present.

News and Inspiration


We are located in Whistler Village across from Olympic Plaza


EMAIL info@oraclewhistler.com 

TELEPHONE 604-905-0084 

Please call to book an appointment with a reader

OPEN DAILY from 10am and 6:30pm (Longer on holidays and busy times)

121-4338 Main Street
Whistler, BC V8E 1B4
OPEN DAILY 10am-6:30pm