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Psychic Readings


Dona, Certified Tarot Reader

Tarot and Oracle Card readings with Dona provide compassionate insight and clarity. Using the images of the cards to amplify her intuition and the blessings of her guides, she uncovers your blocks or struggles and shows you how to use your own intuition; leaving you feeling calm, safe and enlightened. Dona also incorporates oracle cards and divination stones into her sessions; of course, her intuition leads the way with a positive vibe.


Rhonda, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Holistic Practitioner

A reading with Rhonda offers intuitive insight, perspective, and Universal messages, highlighting opportunities that are showcasing in your daily life. Rhonda’s genuine compassion to support others and inspire people to achieve a greater self-awareness; led her to Reiki, Reflexology and a twenty-five year Nursing career. Combining her divination tools, she focuses on how your past can help guide you in the present and gain insight to your potential.


Brett, Psychic Medium

Brett offers: Mediumship, Channeling, Automatic Writing, Tarot, Auras, Psychometry, and Pet Intuition. His spiritual journey began as a child during conversations with angels; to this day he still considers himself and life student of the light. Brett has been channeling professionally since 1994. A reading with Brett leads to empowerment and conscious awareness through general readings or very specific questions.


Nicole, Psychic Medium

Nicole is a natural intuitive and medium, experiencing communication from other realms since childhood. She has pursued extensive formal training in the intuitive and healing arts , developing her abilities to share this gift.

Through deep desire to communicate with her own loved ones who have crossed over, Nicole attended the Arthur Findley Spiritualist College in London, and has studied with other mediumship tutours, worldwide, where she has expanded on her understanding and abilities in mediumship ,psychic arts and spiritual healing. She strives to bring to you, whatever you need the most, in each reading.

Along with connecting to your loved ones, Nicole will often access guidance to your own life issues and provide helpful insight. Healing from loss is also something Nicole is personally familiar with and a reading can be very beneficial in times of physical separation from those we love.


Susan, Psychic Medium, Psychometry, Automatic Writing, Crystal Healer

Susan’s formal; studies began in 1983 Training in Psychic Mediumship and Astrology in New York. On going training courses with British Mediums Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams in 2013. Special course training with Tony in Evidential Mediumship, seeing through one’s inner vision of events leading up to someone’s departure on the Earthplane. She has appeared on Television and Radio in Canada and the United States and looks forward to share the messages she has for you today.


Annie, Professional Intuitive and Certified Tarot Reader

Annie reads the Tarot tapping into her innate intuition and empathetic connection. In her “other life” she is a Senior Facilitator of the Neuro Trauma Healing Process / Senior Facilitator of Soul Re-Cognition. When you book a session with Annie, you benefit from the combination of her Tarot knowledge, intuition and counselling expertise. She ‘fast-tracks’ you from challenge to joy; from restraint to freedom. You are loved and lifted in a beautiful and personally empowering way.



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